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Sep. 11th, 2008 @ 08:49 pm (no subject)
31st August - 11th September 2008

Lab Partners by lexaprose (Freddie Trumper, Florence Vassey, #057 Lunch)

Chronicles of Narnia
For All That Once Was by vixys (Edmund, #076 Who?)

CSI: Miami
Random Thoughts by scarletsins (Megan Donner, #041 Shapes)
Raincheck by sharpiesgal (Horatio Caine, #057 Lunch)
Thinking Too Much by sharpiesgal (Horatio Caine, #095 New Year)
Quite Pleased by sharpiesgal (Horatio Caine #093 Thanksgiving)

Detective Conan
Meeting at Midnight by candy__chan (All, #100 Writers Choice)

Final Fantasy III
Observations by carbonatedh2o (Xande, Luneth, #003 Ends)

Final Fantasy XII
Shade by drakulya (Balthier, #075 Shade)

Fullmetal Alchemist
Sixth Sense by simbalarae (Izumi Curtis/Edward Elric, #035 Sixth Sense)

Grey's Anatomy
Jealousy by ahkna (Callie/Erica, #023 Lovers)
Untitled by starseed4 (Alex, #023 Lovers)

Harry Potter
His Favourite Chore by mokusan (Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, #096 Writers Choice)
It had been a Wedding by littlenotebook (Arthur Weasley, #070 Storm)

Have I Got News For You
Beautiful by dear_ralph (Paul/Ian, #031 Sunrise)
Taking the Moral Highground by emely_chan (Angus/Paul, #014 Green. Rated R)
River of Sorrow by emely_chan (Ian/Victoria, Ian/Paul, #085 She)

Hyakujuu sentai Gaoranger
Passing for Normal by scifisentai (Shishi Kakeru, Shiina Yousuke, #026 Teammates)
Keep Your Friends Close by scifisentai (Washio Gaku/Itsuki Ranru, #085 She)
Friends Mock, Deal With It by scifisentai (Washio Gaku/Itsuki Ranru, #096 Writers Choice)

The Incredible Hulk (2008)
Untitled by chinese_lily (Bruce Banner, Betty Ross, #058 Dinner)
Heartbeat by chinese_lily (Bruce Banner, Betty Ross, #066 Rain)

Passing Grade Pt 1 by youkai_musings (Sess/Rin, #088 School. Rated NC-17)

All In A Day's Work by seal_girl (Sergeant Ed Brown, Chief Robert Ironside, #098 Writers Choice)
Team Work by seal_girl (Sergeant Ed Brown, Mark Sanger, #025 Strangers)

JRR Tolkien
A Measure of Trust by minuial_nuwing (Elladan Peredhil/Elrohir Peredhil, #099 Gift. Rated R. Incest)

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger
Resurrection by idiosynacophony (Rio, Mele, #001 Beginnings)

Prisms and Echoes Part One: No Miracles by alliecat8 (Sawyer/Jack, #074 Dark)
Prisms and Echoes Part Two: Faraway So Close by alliecat8 (Sawyer/Jack, #032 Sunset)
Spooks by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #037 Sound)
Superstition by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #010 Years)
Busted by alliecat8 (Jack/Sawyer, #019 White. Rated NC-17)
Identity by alliecat8 (Sawyer/Cassidy, #027 Parents)
The Beginning of You and Me by alliecat8 (Jack/Sawyer, #029 Birth)
Wild by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #030 Death)
Caged by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #034 Not Enough)
Free by alliecat8 (Jack/Sawyer, #080 Why?. Rated NC-17)
The L Word by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #036 Smell)
I Seem To Be Hung Up On Threes by alliecat8 (Jack/Sawyer, #041 Shapes)
Promises, Promises by alliecat8 (Jack/Sawyer, #049 Club. Rated R)
With The Eyes of Eagles by alliecat8 (Jack/Sawyer, #054 Air)
Tin Man by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #061 Winter)
Shift by alliecat8 (Sawyer/Jack, #068 Lightning. Rated NC-17)
Do-Over by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #076 Who?)
Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #085 He)
Romance, Sawyer Style by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #084 She)
Third Time's A Charm by alliecat8 (Sawyer, #087 Life)
Invictus by alliecat8 (Sawyer/Jack, #097 Writers Choice)

Persona 3
of emotion by veniyah (Aigis, Minato Arisato, #001 Beginnings)
of the night by veniyah (Aigis, Minato Arisato, #002 Middles)

Prince of Tennis
What is This? by kumiko_what (Oishi, #047 Heart)
Comfort by kumiko_what (Oishi, Hiyoshi, #027 Parents)
Just Enough by kumiko_what (Oishi, Hiyoshi, #030 Death)
Twisted by willowscry (Yanagi Renji, Niou Masaharu, Yukimura Seiichi, Sanada Genichirou, Yagyuu Hiroshi, #041 Shapes. Rated NC-17)

Queer as Folk
Out of Order by doppelgangerqaf (Brian/Justin, #078 Where?. Rated R)
Jeux de Langues by doppelgangerqaf and ifuseeknicky (Brian/Justin, #088 School. Rated R)
The Intruder by dopplegangerqaf (Brian/Justin, #096 Writers Choice. Rated R)
Love and a Dusty Comic Store by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #054 Air)
Dreams and Life by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #005 Outsides)

RPS Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick
The Lost Art of Romance, Pt 1 by privilegedesire (Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick, #049 Club. Rated R)
The Lost Art of Romance, Pt 2 by privilegedesire (Chace Crawford/Ed Westwick, #076 Who?. Rated NC-17)

RPF The Elemental Who
Mrs Compton by jennytork (Keith, #088 School)
Unexpected Fame by jennytork (The Who, #089 Work)
Family by jennytork (Keith, Pete, #090 Home)

RPS Formula 1
Hair by australian_imp (Christian Klien/Kimi Raikkonen, #038 Touch)

RPS Jonas Brothers
Colors Green by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #014 Green. Incest)
Colors Red by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #011 Red. Incest)
Colors Orange by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #012 Orange. Incest)
Colors Blue by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #015 Blue. Incest)
Colors Yellow by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #013 Yellow. Incest)
Colors Brown by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #017 Brown. Incest)
Colors Purple by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #016 Purple. Incest)
Colors Black by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #018 Black. Rated R. Incest)
Colors White by hotfruits (Joe, Kevin, Nick, #019 White. Incest)
Close by hotfruits (Joe/Kevin, Nick, Denise, #027 Parents. Incest)
Colorless by hotfruits (Kevin/Joe, Nick, #020 Colorless. Incest)

RPF It's Been a Bad Week
Thy love is better than wine by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #033 Too Much)
Price by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #008 Weeks)

RPF The Power Monkees
Blessed by jennytork (The Monkees, #089 Work)
Always There by jennytork (The Monkees, #090 Home)

Hope Across Helcaraxe by mistrali1 (Turgon/Elenwe, #061 Winter)

Star Fox
My Delicate Rose by ryouseiken (Panther/Krystal, Star Wolf, #011 Red)

Stargate Atlantis
Loss and Regret by tarlanx (Jack O'Neill/Jonas Quinn, #089 Work. Rated R)

Teen Titans
Just A Coke Please by lenorenevemore (Raven, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, #060 Drink)
Jack of All Trades by lenorenevemore (Raven, Beast Boy, #071 Broken)

Come Around Knocking That Infamous Camping Trip Pt. 2 by tigerstriped86 (Ianto Jones, Lisa Hallett, #090 Home)
Come Around Knocking That Infamous Camping Trip Pt. 3 by tigerstriped86 (Ianto Jones, Lisa Hallett, #096 Writers Choice)
Death and The Lady by kohlrimmedeye (Owen/Martha, #075 Shade. Rated NC-17)

The World Ends With You
Missing the Point by raven_seldon (Joshua Kiryu, Rhyme Bito, #081 How?)

Young Justice
Golden Eyes and French Fries by museofspeed (Bart/Tim, #013 Yellow)

Fragments by magrot (Yami Bakura, Malik Ishtar, #035 Sixth Sense)
Fragments by magrot (Yami Bakura/Malik Ishtar, #071 Broken)
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daryl: stares in prison hallway
Aug. 31st, 2008 @ 10:04 pm (no subject)
27th - 31st August 2008

Baldur's Gate, Dark Alliance 2
This way or that by elle_ze_bob (Vhaidra, #086 Choices)
Dorn's Club by elle_ze_bob (Dorn, Allessia, #049 Club)

Card Captor Sakura
Second loves by beansidhe_baby (Li Meiling/ Daidouji Tomoyo, #001 Beginnings)
Endings and beginnings by beansidhe_baby (Li Meiling/Daidouji Tomoyo, one sided Daidouji Tomoyo/Kinamoto Sakura, Kinamoto Sakura/Li Syaoran, #003 Ends)

CSI: Miami
Guilty Pleasures 15 by sharpiesgal (Horatio Caine, Eric Delko, #018 Black)

Detective Conan
A Little Chat by candy__chan (Shinichi, #030 Death)
The Apartment: Changes by candy__chan (Heiji/Kazuha, #086 Choices)

House MD
Just Desserts by andrealyn (Chase/OFC, implied Chase/House, #057 Lunch)

A Dog Eat Dog World Chapter 2 - Assignment by seal_girl (Chief Robert Ironside, Mark Sanger, Officer Eve Whitfield, Sergeant Ed Brown, #076 Who?)

The Darkness, It Wants (Chapters 1-3) by sailorhathor (Dean Winchester/Paul Callan, #055 Spirit. Rated R)

The Pretender
The Remainder by antiqueskies (Lisa Cuddy, Mr. Lyle, Miss Parker, Sydney, Lyle/Cuddy, Lyle/Parker, Parker/Jarod, #017 Brown)

Prince of Tennis
Breaking New York - Invitation by dizzy_grace (Oishi Shuichiro, #010 Years)
Breaking Oshitara - Ordinary Outing by dizzy_grace (Oishi Shuichiro, Oshitari Yuushi, #012 Orange)
Breaking Atobe and Students: Aches by dizzy_grace (Atobe Keigo, Oishi Shuichiro, #061 Winter)
Breaking Atobe and Students: Recovery by dizzy_grace (Atobe Keigo, Oishi Shuichiro, #020 Colourless)

Queer as Folk
Thunderstorm by doppelgangerqaf (Brian, Justin, #070 Storm)
42 Minutes Late by doppelgangerqaf (Brian, Justin, #006 Hours)

Five Things That Never Happened to Lisa Hayes Weeks | Moon | Why? | Choices | Parents by were_lemur (Lisa Hayes, #008 Weeks; #045 Moon; #080 Why?; #086 Choices; #027 Parents)

RPF It's Been a Bad Week
Hangin' on the telephone by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #006 Hours)

RPF The Red Sox
The Tear in Her Dress by wallflower78 (Jed Lowrie/Original Character, #085 She. Rated NC-17)

Stargate Atlantis
Wraith Attack by tarlanx (John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, #028 Children)

Teen Titans
Do I Know you? by lenorenevemore (Raven, Robin, #001 Beginnings)
I've Never Had A Family Before by lenorenevemore (Raven, Beast Boy, #024 Family)

Transformers (Animated)
Strategy Pt. III by redseeker (Blackarachnia, Starscream, #004 Insides)
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daryl: stares in prison hallway
Aug. 28th, 2008 @ 12:16 am (no subject)
22nd-27th August 2008

Celebration of Life 1 2 by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #030 Death)
A Little Splash (of Color) by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, #021 Friends. Rated R. Crossover with Stargate: Atlantis.)
A Matched Set by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #023 Lovers)
To Be Sorry by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #034 Not enough)
Hum-Worthy by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #037 Sound)
I Believe You by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #079 When?)
Joining the Club by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #049 Club)
In the Wash by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #074 Dark)
Jailbreak by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #062 Spring)
In Case of Rough Landing by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #064 Fall)
Wherever Life Takes You by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #065 Passing)
Daddy's Little Girl by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #063 Summer)

Anne of Green Gables
The Last Hour by qtshorty1625 (Gilbert Blythe, Anne Shirley Blythe, #006 Hours)

Dark Angel
Bruised but Not Broken by fauxcynic (Max, Logan, #016 Purple)

DC Comics
Life in Manchester 3/3 by museofspeed (Bart/Tim, #068 Lightning)

Detective Conan
Penalty by candy__chan (Gin, Yuusaku, Yukiko, #018 Black)
Ghosts Need Not Apply by candy__chan (Shinichi, Ran, #055 Spirit. Rated R.)
On the Field by candy__chan (Shinichi, Ran, #099 Writer's choice)
The Bridge by candy__chan (Conan, #025 Strangers)

Dungeons and Dragons
A Certain Kind of Happy Ever After by seal_girl (Presto the Magician, #089 Work)

Fullmetal Alchemist
Bring Her Back by simbalarae (Izumi Curtis/Edward Elric, #030 Death)

Gossip Girl
Fairy Tale by __butterflies__ (Blair, Serena, #003 Ends)

Grey's Anatomy
Out Of Touch, Out of Time by foibles_fables (Lexie Grey, Alex Karev,  #038 Touch)
Good Intentions by akhna (Mark, Erica, Richard, #089 Work)

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Friends Like These by scifisentai (Ushigome Soutarou, Shishi Kakeru, #032 Sunset)
Just a Shirt by scifisentai (Blue, Black, Yellow, #074 Dark)
Settling In by scifisentai (Red, Yellow, #072 Fixed)

The Incredible Hulk
Motel by chinese_lily (Bruce Banner/Betty Ross, #034 Not enough)

Chaos In Motion by seal_girl (Chief Robert Ironside, Sergeant Ed Brown, Officer Eve Whitfield, #086 Choices)

La Femme Nikita
Watching from the Wall by tvashti (Michael Samuelle, Madeline, Jurgen, #038 Touch. Rated R.)

Lord of the Rings
My Heart is Yours by silvertrails (Elladan, Glorfindel, #006 Hours)

The Broken and the Holy 4 by alliecat8 (Sawyer/Jack, #018 Black. Rated R.)

The clock strikes by rinkle ( McGee, #002 Middles)

One Piece
Waking by nilly_chan (Kaku, #004 Insides)

A Night to Forget by mysensitiveside (Sam/Brooke, #033 Too much)

Prince of Tennis
Touch Me, Heal Me by wiccanlilly (Ibu Shinji, #034 Not enough)
College - After: False Closure by dizzy_grace (Oishi, #099 Writer's choice)
College - After: Stopping Time by dizzy_grace (Oishi, #032 Sunset)
College - After: New Fears by dizzy_grace (Oishi, #074 Dark)
New York: Run Away by dizzy_grace (Oishi, #033 Too much)
Silver Surprise by wiccanlilly (Ibu Shinji, #046 Star)
Three Times the Fun by wiccanlilly ( Ibu Shinji, Oishi Syuichiro, #042 Triangle. Rated NC17.)
Waiting Too Long by kumiko_what (Oishi, Shishido, #008 Weeks)
Finally - I Love You by kumiko_what (Oishi, Hiyoshi, #090 Home)
Guilt by kumiko_what (Tezuka, Fuji, #086 Choices)
What Really Matters by kumiko_what (Oishi, Tezuka, Fuji, Hiyoshi, #080 Why?)

Queer as Folk US
Staying Sane by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #050 Spade)
Sweat by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #052 Fire. Rated NC17.)
Je Ne Sais Quoi by doppelgangerqaf (Brian/Justin, #077 What? Rated NC17.)
Brian And The Kid by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #058 Dinner)

RPF Football
Elusion by thisismystory13 (Steven Gerrard/Xabi Alonso, #002 Middles)

RPF Have I Got News For You
Who Needs Harmony? by emely_chan (Paul/Ian, Victoria, #071 Broken. Rated R.)

RPF Jonas Brothers
How Could You? by hotfruits (Joe Jonas/Kevin Jonas/Nick Jonas, #071 Broken)

RPF Mock the Week
Burning Clean by beedekka (Hugh Dennis/Frankie Boyle, #023 Lovers. Rated NC17.)

RPF The Power Monkees
Forever Learning by jennytork (Peter, #088 School)

The Silmarillion
Into the Storm by alena_hu (Eärendil, Thorondor, #026 Teammates)
Dolphins by alena_hu (Eärendil, #078 Where?)

Star Wars
New Toy by lt_wes_janson (Wes Janson, #064 Fall)

Winchesters and Witches by my_sam_dean (Sam/Dean, John, Bobby, #045 Moon. Rated R.)
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I <3 books
Aug. 21st, 2008 @ 05:10 pm (no subject)
20th - 21st August 2008

Detective Conan
Bad Omens by candy__chan (Shiho, #032 Sunset)

Harry Potter
Sand, Surf, and Quidditch by ladytol (Scorpius Malfoy, Lily Potter, Hugo Weasley, Jacob Pritchard, Andrew Braddock, #063 Summer)

Hyakujuu sentai Gaoranger
Safe Havens by scifisentai (Washio Gaku, Samezu Kai, #080 Why?)
Fresh Starts by scifisentai (Samezu Kai/Ushigome Soutarou, #087 Life)

Shadows by taylorgibbs (Leroy Jethro Gibbs, #074 Dark)
Too Much (False) Information by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, Anthony DiNozzo, #033 Too Much)
Earthbound by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, Teyla Emmagen, Samantha Carter, #053 Earth)
New Year by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #095 New Year)
In The Downpour by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #066 Rain)
One Plus One Equals... by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, Jenny Sheppard, #083 And)
Watching by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #022 Enemies)
Moving On Along by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, Jenny Sheppard, #042 Triangle)
Ghosts by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #055 Spirit)
Perplexed by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #059 Food)
Small Gestures by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #069 Thunder)
Putting the Pieces Together by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #041 Shapes)
Candlelit by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #073 Light)
Donuts by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #054 Air)
Recoil by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #050 Spade)
Running out of Days by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #007 Days)
Hell Hath No Fury Like Abby Sciuto by jaina47 (Ziva David, Abby Sciuto, #096 Writers Choice. Rated R)

RPS Have I Got News For You
Nothing Changes by emely_chan (Ian/Paul, Angus, #026 Teammates)

RPF It's Been A Bad Week
Just like on the radio by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #037 Sound)

RPS The Red Sox
Bye Bye Buck by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Clay Buchholz, #003 Ends)
Happy Birthday, Buck by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Clay Buchholz, #091 Birthday. Rated R)
Friends by wallflower78 (Jed Lowrie/Jacoby Ellsbury, #021 Friends. Rated R)

Sailor Moon
Outrunning Your Destiny - Part 1 by alizep (Mars/Jadeite, #099 Writers Choice)
The Omen by alizep (Pluto/Shitennou, #028 Children)

Shadow Song by mistrali1 (Aredhel/Eol, #074 Dark)

Star Wars
Worse Things by lt_wes_janson (Wes Janson, Wedge Antilles, #040 Sight)

Super Smash Brothers
Where It All Begins by akane_sama116 (Ike, Pit, #001 Beginnings)
By The Pool by akane_sama116 (Ike, Pit, Linc, Marth, #051 Water)
Not Exactly Romantic by akane_sama116 (Ike, Pit, #066 Rain)

Young Justice
Life in Manchester (1/3) by museofspeed (Bart/Tim, Carol, Preston, Steph, Bernard, #088 School)
Life in Manchester (2/3) by museofspeed (Bart/Tim, Carol, Steph, #002 Beginnings)
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daryl: stares in prison hallway
Aug. 20th, 2008 @ 08:11 pm (no subject)
16th-19th August 2008

Adventures in Wonderland
Christmas Time: Part One by themadmaiden (Alice, Mad Hatter, #092 Christmas)
Something to Do by themadmaiden (Alice, Mad Hatter, #089 Work)

Baldur's Gate
A Rare Moment by elle_ze_bob (Vhaidra, Ysuran, Borador, #029 Birth)
The Secret Door by elle_ze_bob (Borador, #038 Touch)
The Elfsong Stew by elle_ze_bob (Ysuran, #039 Taste)
New Friends at the Inn by elle_ze_bob (Ysuran, #001 Beginnings)

Code Geass
Mistaken by penombrelilas (Guilford/Lelouch, #042 Triangle)

Dark Angel
Coming Home by fauxcynic (Logan, #088 School)

Detective Conan
Exception to the Rule by candy__chan (Ran, #098 Writer's choice)
Unable to Breathe by candy__chan (Ran/Shinichi, #011 Red)

Gossip Girl
Snowbell by __butterflies__ (Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Eleanor Waldorf, Dorota, #030 Death)

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger
Changing Status by scifisentai (Blue/Yellow, #090 Home)
Threads of the Past by scifisentai (Murasaki, #076 Who?)

Invader Zim
Drabbles by senri (General, #assorted prompts)
Drabbles by senri (General, #assorted prompts)

A Working Theory by seal_girl (Chief Robert Ironside, Sergeant Ed Brown, Officer Eve Whitfield, Commissioner Dennis Randall, #089 Work)
Dirty Work by seal_girl (Sergeant Ed Brown, Chief Robert Ironside, #074 Dark)

When All Else Fails by cyloran (Mister Smith, #094 Independence)

Insecurities by miseradreamer (Abby/Kate, #084 He)
Anticipation by miseradreamer (Abby/Kate, #066 Rain. Rated R.)

The Painted Veil
Puddles by chinese_lily (Kitty, #069 Thunder)
Bringing Light by chinese_lily (Walter, #053 Earth)
Flower Shop by chinese_lily (Kitty, Walter, #033 Too much)
Porch Swing by chinese_lily (Kitty, #068 Lightening)

Prince of Tennis
Silver Trio Drabble #1 by tomiyo_hikura2 (Ohtori/Shishido/Hiyoshi, #023 Lovers)
Gekokujou: Failure by kumiko_what (Hiyoshi, Oishi, #074 Dark)
Christmas Eve by kumiko_what (Hiyoshi, Oishi, #034 Not enough)
Life Must Go On... 1 2 3 4 5 by andersenmom (Kamio Akira, Tachibana Kippei, Ibu Shinji, #assorted prompts)

Queer as Folk US
Belated Honeymoon by foreverbm (Michael Novotny-Bruckner/Ben Bruckner, #044 Circle. Rated NC17.)

RPF The Elemental Who
For Living by jennytork (General, #087 Life)

RPF It's Been a Bad Week
Evaporate by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #020 Colourless)

RPF The Power Monkees
Choose Life by jennytork (Mel, #087 Life)

Safe Hands by tarlanx (John/Rodney, #036 Smell. Rated R.)

Come Around Knocking: That Infamous Camping Trip 1 by tigerstriped86 (Ianto Jones, Lisa Hallett, #070 Storm)

The Young Riders
When It Rains by dianaryan (Buck Cross, Becca Garfield, #066 Rain)
Seeing Black, Seeing Red by dianaryan (Sam, Emma, James Butler Hickok, #018 Black)
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I <3 books
Aug. 16th, 2008 @ 02:35 am (no subject)
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
10th - 16th August 2008

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci
With Nothing but a Plastic Salad Fork by toasty_fresh (Christopher, Gabriel de Witt, Jason, Bernard, Conrad, #032 Sunset)

Code Geass
At the Top of the World by penombrelilas (Cornelia/Euphemia, #085 Life)

Covington Cross
Regret by gwynethfar (Thomas Grey, Anne Grey, #067 Snow)

Detective Conan
Out of This World by candy__chan (Shinichi, Ran, Yuusaku, Yukiko, #053 Earth)
The Apartment: Things They Learned by candy__chan (Heiji/Kazuha, #038 Touch)
Inspiration by candy__chan (Yuusaku, Toichi, #041 Shapes)

Doctor Who
Tea and Biscuits after the End of The World by seal_girl (Tenth Doctor, Ianto Jones, the TARDIS, #025 Strangers)

Dungeons and Dragons (cartoon)
Sparkle by seal_girl (Eric the Cavalier, #001 Beginnings)
The Reluctant Storyteller by seal_girl (Presto the Magician, #020 Colourless)

Ghost Hunters
everything you wanted isn't anything you have by lone_wo1f (Brian/Steve implied, Steve/Tango, #001 Beginnings)

Untitled by laurel_crowned (Yuki/Shuichi, Tatsuha, #074 Dark)

Harry Potter
Idea by persephone_kore (all four Founders, #001 Beginnings)
Yum by ron_n_seamus (Ronald Weasley/Seamus Finnegan, #059 Food. Rated NC-17)

Bedding the Best by premium_shaday (Minato, Kushina, Neji, Jiraiya, #024 Family)

The Painted Veil
Desperately Seeking by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #027 Parents)
Breaking by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #003 Ends)
Serious Eyes by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #074 Dark)
Clumsy by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #009 Months)
Speak by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #014 Green)
Lighter by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #099 Writers Choice)
Thirty by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #039 Taste)
What Matters by chinese_lily (Dr. Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #008 Weeks)

Pirates of Dark Water
Deception Among Enemies (Part 1) by minnie_sorani (Tula, Bloth, Solia, #086 Choices)

Prince of Tennis
Blockade by wiccanlilly (Ibu Shinji, Tachibana Kippei, #077 What?)

Queer as Folk
Love Wins Out by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #004 Insides. Rated NC-17)

RPF The Elemental Who
Cumulative by jennytork (Keith, #086 Choices)

RPF The Power Monkees
Bad Idea by jennytork (Peter, #086 Choices)

RPS N*Sync
The White Room by pensnest (Lance, Joey, Chris, Justin, JC, #022 Enemies. Rated R)
Slave by pensnest (Lance, Christopher, #094 Independence)

RPS The Red Sox
Slumpbuster by wallflower78 (Jacoby Ellsbury/Jon Lester, #026 Teammates. Rated NC-17)

Stargate Atlantis
26 Hours, Give or Take by tarlanx (Jack/Rodney, #032 Sunset)
Draconian Measures by tarlanx (John/Rodney, Jack/Daniel, #078 Where?. Rated NC-17)

Star Wars
In Plain Sight by waywardrifter (A’den, Jaing, Mereel, Ordo, Prudii, #075 Shade)
Never Harmless by waywardrifter (Kyp, #020 Colourless)
Discipline by waywardrifter (Kyp, #031 Sunrise)
Patience by waywardrifter (Kyp, #032 Sunset)
Puddles by waywardrifter (Kal Skirata, The Nulls, #087 Life)
Spelunking by waywardrifter (Kyp, #004 Insides)
Rescue by waywardrifter (Kyp, Jaina, #015 Blue)
Torn by waywardrifter (Han, Kyp, #086 Choices)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Last Light Fading by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #030 Death)
To Choose the Fall by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Sakura, Mokona, Fai, Syaoran, #064 Fall)
Your Point? by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #083 And)
In Times of Desperate Need by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Sakura, Fai, #069 Thunder)
His Paper Heart IV: Spring Blossoms by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, Sakura, #062 Spring)
He's Still a Ninja Rock Star by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, Sakura, Syaoran, Mokona, #068 Lightning)
Threads on Marble by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, #016 Purple)
Taking Back the Palace by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, #020 Colourless)
How to Break a Feather (or, Last Tears to a Paper Heart) by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Sakura, Fai, Syaoran, Mokona, #100 Writers Choice)
Close This Book, Open the Next by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, #003 Ends)

Five People Fiyero Tiggular Never Met (and One He Did) [Part One: The Joker] by danica_enjolras (Fiyero Tiggular, The Joker, #065 Passing)
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daryl: stares in prison hallway
Aug. 10th, 2008 @ 09:44 pm (no subject)
7th-10th August 2008

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Different From Every Other Time You Tried It by tvashti (Buffy/Oz, #052 Fire)

Detective Conan
Stereotypical by candy__chan (Toichi, Nakamori, #019 White)

Foyle's War
Love Without Reason by clanne (Christopher Foyle, Rosalind Foyle, #080 Why?)

Grey's Anatomy
Give Me A Chance To Miss You by slybrunette (Meredith/Derek, Izzie, Cristina, Alex, #033 Too much)

Harry Potter
Intentions by merusa (Rose Weasley/Scorpius Malfoy, #017 Brown)

John Carpenter
Make Me Believe by _call_me_snake_ (Snake Plissken, Darius, #072 Fixed. Crossover with Highlander.)

The Rat Toys with the Kat by miseradreamer (Abigail Sciuto, Caitlin Todd, #076 Who?)
Capture & A Cuppa by adriannacoylho (Ducky, #019 White)

Likewise by leda_speaks (Amita/Susan Berry, #048 Diamond)
Home Sweet Home by leda_speaks (Amita, Alan, #035 Sixth sense)

The Painted Veil
Cigars by chinese_lily (Walter, Kitty, #049 Club)
Earth by chinese_lily (Walter, Kitty, #063 Summer)
Wardrobe by chinese_lily (Walter, Kitty, #017 Brown)

Prince of Tennis
Sunrise, Another Day by andersenmom (Ibu Shinji, Inui Sadaharu, #007 Days)
You Need Help by andersenmom (Fuji Yuuta, Tachibana An, Tachibana Kippei, #016 Purple)
Changes by andersenmom (Kisarazu Atsushi, Kisarazu Ryou, Ibu Shinji, #017 Brown)
Making Wishes by andersenmom (Kamio Akira, Ishida Tetsu, #046 Star)
Wake-Up Call by andersenmom (The coach, #086 Choices)
Tutoring by andersenmom (Sakurai Masaya, Aoi Kentarou, #088 School)

RPF The Elemental Who
Cassie by jennytork (General, #085 She)

RPF It's Been a Bad Week
Sweet sugar candy man by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #042 Triangle)

RPF Mock the Week
Borderlining Sentimental by beedekka (Hugh Dennis/Steve Punt, #086 Choices. Rated NC17.)

RPF The Power Monkees
The Mistake by jennytork (Mike, Phyllis, #085 She)

Star Wars
Keeping Secrets by waywardrifter (A'den, #098 Writer's choice)
Scars by waywardrifter (A'den, #081 How?)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Ride Ten Thousand Days and Nights by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #007 Days)
Things Invisible To See by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #035 Sixth sense)
A Discourse on Board Games by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #024 Family)
A Second's Hesitation by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #013 Yellow)
Sweet and Savory by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #056 Breakfast)
What Your Eyes Don't See by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #005 Outsides)
The Days Go By by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #008 Weeks)
A Change in the Winds by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #087 Life)
Intimidation Tactics by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #058 Dinner)
In All Things Moderation by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #067 Snow)
If and Only If by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #082 If)
Departure by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #009 Months)
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I <3 books
Aug. 7th, 2008 @ 12:19 am (no subject)
1st-6th August 2008

Batman (films)
Goodbye by crescent_gaia (Bruce Wayne, #030 Death)

Code Geass
This Long Silence by penombrelilas (Xingke/Tianzi, #085 She)

Final Fantasy VII
Chainlink by riarai (Kadaj, Yazoo, #002 Middles)
Too Much by riarai (Kadaj, Yazoo, #033 Too much)
Not Enough by riarai (Kadaj, Yazoo, #034 Not enough)

The Godfather
Untitled by maphia (Michael Corleone, #011 Red)

King Arthur
Simple by sasha_b (Arthur/Lancelot, #021 Friends)

La Femme Nikita
Tango Circular by jaybee65 (Madeline, Paul, #044 Circle)

Mass Effect
Unreasonable by citydancer (Shepard, Wrex, Kaidan, Ashley, #030 Death)
Homecoming by citydancer (Shepard, #031 Sunrise)

The Moon-Spinners
Family by seren_ccd (Nikki Ferris, #024 Family)
Lovers by seren_ccd (Nikki Ferris, #023 Lovers)

Rule Number Twelve by miseradreamer (Abby/Kate, #089 Work. Rated NC17.)
The Three Headed Lab Rat by miseradreamer (Abby/Kate, #001 Beginnings)

Ouran High School Host Club
Shadow King by shadowqueen12 (Kyouya, Tamaki, #074 Dark)

The Painted Veil
Etiquette by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #001 Beginnings)
Comfort by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #075 Shade)
For Heaven's Sake by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #077 What?)
The Church by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #018 Black)
Matters such as this by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #019 White)
Dying by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #032 Sunset)
An Effort by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #048 Diamond)
Radiance by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #085 She)
The Discovery by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #035 Sixth sense)
Luxury by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #034 Not enough)
Limited Success by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #029 Birth)
Mother knows best by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #047 Heart)
To be free by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #006 Hours)
Fear by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #013 Yellow)
A gift by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #091 Birthday)
Haunted by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #031 Sunrise)
A hobby by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #010 Years)
Doing his best by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #092 Christmas)
Blooms by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #036 Smell)
A List by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #015 Blue)
Guilt by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #056 Breakfast)
Trying Something New by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #059 Food)
I want to go back by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #044 Circle)
Icy by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #071 Broken)
Brighter by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #012 Orange)
Something Romantic by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #045 Moon)
Scared by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #050 Spade)
Worth by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #094 Independence)
Inspiring by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #061 Winter)
Defeat by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #082 If)
The Tree by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #026 Teammates)
Gloriously Sunday by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #040 Sight)
Without You by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #065 Passing)
She willed it by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #096 Writer's choice)
A good man by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #095 New year)
Concentration by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #089 Work)
Socialising by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #060 Drink)
Pale by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #020 Colourless)
Deserving by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #005 Outsides)
False charm by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #100 Writer's choice)
Yes, my dear by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #076 Who?)
Perspective by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #081 How?)
Getting out a bit. by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #021 Friends)
Wardrobe by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #016 Purple)
What kind of wife? by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #079 When?)
All too brief by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #062 Spring)
Comforts by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #007 Days)
Reflex by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #002 Middles)
Ajar by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #041 Shapes)
Wooden by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #042 Triangle)
Sliced by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #057 Lunch)
Sympathy by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #097 Writer's choice)

Prince of Tennis
Relationships Revisited by andersenmom (Kamio Akira, Tanaka Kouhei, #097 Writer's choice)
Doubles Again by andersenmom (Kamio Akira, Momoshiro, Kaidoh, #006 Hours)

Queer as Folk US
Welcome Home by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #006 Hours. Rated NC17.)
First Kiss by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #033 Too much)
Bound Together With Love by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #041 Shapes)

RPF Actors
Lovers Argument by sagaluthien (Orlando Bloom, OFC, #009 Months. Rated R.)

RPF The Elemental Who
Cassie, part 1 by jennytork (Keith, John, #084 He)

RPF It's Been a Bad Week
Sobering realisation by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #065 Passing)
I'm not in love by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #038 Touch)

RPF Linkin Park
Cut by prisonsecks (Brad/Chester, #038 Touch. Rated R.)
Waltz by prisonsecks (Brad/Chester, #066 Rain)

RPF Mock the Week
I12121w/u. by beedekka (Hugh Dennis/Frankie Boyle, #037 Sound. Rated NC17.)

RPF The Power Monkees
A Single Mind by jennytork (Mike, Peter, Valerie, #084 He)

Sailor Moon
Revenge is a... by alizep (Kunzite/Minako, #043 Square)

The Silmarillion
Black and White by alexcat (Maeglin, #018 Black)

Hot Looks and Wormholes by tarlanx (Jack/Rodney, #040 Sight. Rated NC17.)
Emergency Operation by tarlanx (Rodney/Daniel, #083 And. Rated R.)
Morning Glory by tarlanx (Jack/Rodney, #031 Sunrise. Rated NC17.)

Teen Titans
Too Late by museofspeed (Bart, Tim, Jaime, #009 Months)
What Would You Do... by museofspeed (Bart, Tim, #064 Fall)
A New Beginning by bette_kane (Bette Kane, Tim Drake, #001 Beginning)

Come Around Knocking by tigerstriped86 (Ianto Jones, Lisa Hallett, #064 Fall)

Transformers 1984
X-Box by prowlstar (The Twins, #043 Square)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Two and a Half (or So) Out of Seven Deadly Sins by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #050 Spade)
His Paper Heart III: Winter Nights by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #048 Diamond)
Change in Plan by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #086 Choices)
And Find What Wind Seeks to Advance an Honest Mind by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #078 Where?)
Speaking in Tongues by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #077 What?)
Duality : Chessboard Knight by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #032 Sunset)
Duality : Guardian of the Dawn by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #031 Sunrise)
Tempest Rising by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #070 Storm)
As Cold As Snow (or, Vampire Hunter Kurogane) by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #061 Winter)
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I <3 books
Jul. 30th, 2008 @ 10:00 pm (no subject)
Current Mood: determined
28th - 30th July 2008

Of Guitars and Groupies by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #046 Star)
Rain Soaked Kisses by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #066 Rain)
Turn Left, Go Fast by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #012 Orange)
Sharing Space by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #002 Middles)
Staccato 1 | 2 | 3 by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, Chloe O'Brian, Bill Buchanan, #082 If. Rated R)
Vibrato 1 | 2 by astrum_presul (Michelle Dessler/Tony Almeida, #087 Life)

Adventures in Wonderland
Lemonade by themadmaiden (Alice, Mad Hatter, #013 Yellow)

Campfire Stories by ashleys_mask (Chad I. Ginsburg, Deron Miller, Jess Margera, Matt Deis, #005 Outsides. Rated R)

The Godfather
Untitled by maphia (Michael Corleone, #066 Rain)

Grey's Anatomy
What's In a Name? by foibles_fables (Lexie Grey, Alex Karev, #076 Who?)

Harry Potter
Meals are a Family Affair by ladytol (Scorpius Malfoy, Lily Potter, Albus Potter, James Potter, Roxanne Weasley, Fred Weasley, Rose Weasley, Hugo Weasley, Louis Weasley, #057 Lunch)

John Carpenter
The Two Kinds of Men by _call_me_snake_ (Snake, #068 Lightning)

Lovely Complex
A new rival by preety_lady (Risa Koizumi, Atsushi Otani, #097 Writers Choice)

The Moon-Spinners
Untitled by seren_ccd (Nikki Ferris, #012 Orange)
Untitled by seren_ccd (Nikki Ferris, #096 Writers Choice)
Untitled by seren_ccd (Nikki Ferris, #070 Storm)
Untitled by seren_ccd (Nikki Ferris, #069 Thunder)

A Perfect Image by laverinth (Naruto, Sai, #089 Work)

The Painted Veil
For both of us by chinese_lily (Dr Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #087 Life)
Revenge by chinese_lily (Dr Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #022 Enemies)
Are you certain? by chinese_lily (Dr Walter Fane, Kitty Fane, #024 Family)

Waiting by mysensitiveside (Sam/Brooke, #015 Blue)

Prince of Tennis
Confessions by wiccanlilly (Ibu Shinji, Hiyoshi Wakashi, #069 Thunder)

Queer as Folk
Do You Believe In Love At First Sight by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #025 Strangers)
Love Song by foreverbm (Ben/Michael, #032 Sunset)

RPF The Elemental Who
Mix Like... by jennytork (Pete, Keith, John, #083 And)

RPF The Power Monkees
Who is Who? by jennytork (Valerie, Peter, Mike, #083 And)

Come Around Knocking National Lottery Part 7 | National Lottery Part 8 by tigerstriped86 (Ianto Jones, Lisa Hallett, Owen Harper-md, Jack Harkness aka Abel, Terrance Sanford, #072 Fixed; #042 Triangle)

Transformers 1984
Seeker Surfing by prowlstar (Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, #077 What?)
Bunk Bed by prowlstar (Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, #037 Sound)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Something He Couldn't Do by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #093 Thanksgiving)
Sans de la Lune: A Lonely Watch by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, #097 Writers Choice)
A Line Drawn Between Light and Dark by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #074 Light)
Go and Catch a Falling Star by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Sakura, #046 Star)
Ghost of a Vow by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #096 Writers Choice)
Tell Me Where the Past Years Are by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, Yuko, #010 Years)
Get with Child a Mandrake Root by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Sakura, Fai, Syaoran, #053 Earth
Or Who Cleft the Devil's Foot by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, #085 She)
Teach Me to Hear the Mermaids Singing by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, Mokona, #015 Blue)
What Goes Around by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Sakura, Fai, Syaoran, #044 Circle
Or to Keep Off Envy's Stinging by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, Syaoran, Piffle!Tomoyo, #042 Triangle)
If Thou Be'est Born to Strange Sights by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, Syaoran, #025 Strangers)

Young Justice
I Smell Burning by museofspeed (Bart/Tim, Bernard/Carol, #036 Smell)
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daryl: stares in prison hallway
Jul. 29th, 2008 @ 12:23 am (no subject)
20th-28th July 2008

Keeping Warm by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #061 Winter)
Cena by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #051 Water)
On Your Side by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #080 Why?)
Little Bit of Everything by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #059 Food)
No Ifs, Sweetheart by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #082 If)
Squeaks by astrum_presul (Karen Hayes/Bill Buchanan, #037 Sound)

Last Line by leytellall (Alien, Marines, #030 Death)

Blake's 7
Have You Ever Seen the Stars by thetis (Del Tarrant, #048 Diamond)

Code Geass
Virtuous Knight by penombrelilas (Guilford, Cornelia, #033 Too much)

Detective Conan
The Perfect Place by candy__chan (Yuusaku/Yukiko, #073 Light)

DC Comics
Better Than. by museofspeed (Tim/Cassie, mentions of Bart/Tim and Kon/Cassie, #020 Colourless. Rated R.)

The Godfather
Untitled by maphia (Michael Corleone, #001 Beginnings)

Harry Potter
Expectations by alyxbradford (Bellatrix Black-Lestrange, #089 Work. Rated R.)

The History Boys
Sunset by kath_synecdoche (Posner, Scripps, #032 Sunset)
Rain by kath_synecdoche (Scripps, #066 Rain)
Through the Grapevine by kath_synecdoche (Scripps, Dakin, Mrs. Dakin, Mrs. Scripps, #027 Parents)
Playgroup Friends by kath_synecdoche (Scripps, Dakin, Posner, #028 Children)
Watching the Drinks by kath_synecdoche (Scripps, Dakin, Posner, #020 Colourless. Rated R.)

House MD
My Mistress’ Sparrow Is Dead by kohlrimmedeye (Wilson, Chase, House, Cameron, Foreman, Thirteen, #095 New year)

Hunter x Hunter
Against All Odds by ludicmelody (Gon Freecss/ Killua Zoldyck, #010 Years)
Playing with Fire by ludicmelody (Gon Freecss/ Killua Zoldyck, #084 He)
He's not Ready for Children by ludicmelody (Gon Freecss/ Killua Zoldyck, #016 Purple)

Lord of the Rings
Reprisal by eresse21 (Elladan, Erestor, Glorfindel, #033 Too much)

Lovely Complex
Otani Awakens by preety_lady (Risa Koizumi, Atsushi Otani, #036 Smell. Rated R.)
Broken Gift by preety_lady (Risa Koizumi, Atsushi Otani, #072 Fixed)
Otani's Patient by preety_lady (Risa Koizumi, Atsushi Otani, #096 Writer's choice)
Koizumi Teases by preety_lady (Risa Koizumi, Atsushi Otani, #014 Green)

Unspoken 1-4 by sailorhathor (Paul/Dean Winchester, #004 Insides. Rated NC17.)

The Other Woman by miseradreamer (Abigail Sciuto, Caitlin Todd, Ziva David, #079 When? Rated R.)

The Painted Veil
A New Home by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #073 Light)
Wishing by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #086 Choices)
Afraid by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #030 Death)
Who's in Charge? by chinese_lily (Walter, Colonel Yu, #051 Water)
Conversation by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #066 Rain)
Bedtime by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #037 Sound)
An Awkward Moment by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #080 Why?)
Making camp by chinese_lily (Walter, Colonel Yu, #052 Fire)
Urgent by chinese_lily (Walter, Colonel Yu, #078 Where?)
The Morning After by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #023 Lovers)
Connecting by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #025 Strangers)
A Ride by chinese_lily (Walter/Kitty, #090 Home)

The Princess Diaries
Drugged by datsue (Queen Clarisse Renaldi/Joseph, #081 How? Rated M.)
Addicted by datsue (Queen Clarisse Renaldi/Joseph, #083 And. Rated M.)

Prison Break
Brighter Even Than the Sun by halfshellvenus (Lincoln Burrows/Michael Scofield, #063 Summer)

Queer as Folk US
Love Letter by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #087 Life)
So Many Memories by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #074 Dark)
Setting The Mood by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #040 Sight. Rated R.)
Crash by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #002 Middles)
The Clock by foreverbm (Michael/Ben, #022 Enemies)

RPF Actors
Time to beat by sagaluthien (Orlando Bloom, #006 Hours)

How Much Can One Hurt? by ashleys_mask (Jesse Margera, Deron Miller, Chad Ginsburg, #038 Touch. Rated R.)

RPF The Elemental Who
I Wonder by jennytork (Keith, John, #082 If)

RPF It's Been a Bad Week
But not a movie by moredamnlies (Steve Punt, Hugh Dennis, #058 Dinner)

RPF The Power Monkees
Make It! by jennytork (Davy, Bess, #082 If)

RPF Red Sox
Welcome Back, Buck by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Clay Buchholz, #008 Weeks. Rated NC17.)
Courage by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Clay Buchholz, #074 Dark. Rated NC17.)
Everything but the bathroom sink. by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Clay Buchholz, #060 Drink. Rated NC17.)
Freckles by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Clay Buchholz, #038 Touch. Rated R.)
What a tease by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Jon Lester, #034 Not enough. Rated R.)
Bath Tub Antics by wallflower78 (Josh Beckett/Jon Lester, #064 Fall. Rated NC17.)
Your Surprise by wallflower78 (Clay Buchholz/Jon Lester, #037 Sound. Rated NC17.)
It's all in fun... by wallflower78 (Jon Lester/Clay Buchholz/Josh Beckett, #084 He. Rated NC17.)

Lick Your Own Wounds by kohlrimmedeye (Martha, Owen, #032 Sunset)

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
Of Origami Cranes by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, Sakura, #023 Lovers)
On Arrogance and Its Price by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, #098 Writer's choice)
From the Ashes of a Fairy Tale by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, Mokona, Syaoran, Sakura, #052 Fire)
Caught in a Maelstrom by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, #066 Rain)
Kurogane, Do Your Best! by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Sakura, Fai, Syaoran, #079 When?)
In Which Kurogane Expresses His Feelings with Green Paste by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #014 Green)
Just Two Squares in a Circle's World by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, #043 Square)
Blood Will Out by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, #060 Drink)
Dragon and Phoenix by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #029 Birth)
The Games You Play by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, #036 Smell)
Destroyer's Ball by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Tomoyo, #099 Writer's choice)
Fai and Kurogane's Super Fun Excellent Shopping Experience by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, #018 Black)
Long Distance by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Fai, #091 Birthday)
Last Obstacles to Surpass by commodoreschick (Kurogane, Syaoran, #038 Touch)
Suwa Dragon Pride by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #027 Parents)
Home Sweet Home by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #090 Home)
Fashion Sense by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #039 Taste)
The Worst Night of Clubbing Possible by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #049 Club)
To Find Out by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #076 Who?)
Rumor is a Bird with a Thousand Eyes and a Thousand Tongues by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #084 He)
Windswept by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #054 Air)
Kurogane vs. Santa Claus: Clash of the Ninjas by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #092 Christmas)
Year of the Dragon by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #095 New year)
Perhaps It's Not So Bad by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #072 Fixed)
The Man That Time Forgot by commodoreschick (Kurogane, #065 Passing)

Thank You by scarlettredd (Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, #038 Touch)
Safety Net by scarlettredd (Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, #014 Green)
Casted Aside 
by scarlettredd (Rosalie Hale, Emmett Cullen, #066 Rain)

The West Wing
Strong at the Broken Places by soaked_in_stars (Andrea Wyatt/Toby Ziegler, #071 Broken)
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